Friday, August 10, 2018

OpenSCAD: Camera case for the Raspberry Pi camera module


At the end of 2015 I placed a DIY security camera in our house with a view on our backyard. The camera consists of a Raspberry Pi model B and a 5MP camera board module (It's been replaced by a 8MP version). I used Motion, a very flexible program that monitors video signal, on top of Raspbian. It worked all these years without problem but over time the wooden case that I made was starting to fall apart. I therefore decided to create a 3D printed camera case to replace it. I also wanted to use this opportunity to eliminate the problem of glare on sunny days.

Design of the Camera Case

The camera case consist of five parts. A back and a front of the case, a camera holder and lens to protect the camera module and easily insert it into front of the case, and a lens hood to prevent glare.  I used OpenSCAD, a free and open source program to design 3D CAD models. The Constructive Solid Geometry properties of OpenSCAD are excellent for these kind of designs. The back case has mounting points for the Raspberry Pi. I use the Raspberry Pi B but the mounting points are easily changed for other Raspberry Pi models, in fact I already added the coordinates for some other models.

I updated the design with stop ring for the lens module to prevent the lens to slide into the camera a little so this is a link to version 2. If you want to make the case yourself or just want to tinker with it here is a link to the OpenSCAD file:

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