Saturday, January 16, 2016

Homemade desk of scaffolding wood

Electronics workbench

The desk that I used as an electronics workbench is rather small. Since my electronics hobby is expanding, as hobbies tend to do, the small size of the desk became a burden. It was time for a new one. While searching on the internet I found an L-shape desk from reclaimed scaffolding wood on Etsy. The L-shape desk will fit perfectly into the corner saving a lot of room. The desk is really nice but is also very expensive (about $1500). Looking at the image I thought it is not very difficult to make even with simple tools. I was able to build it for $300 with eight planks of scaffolding wood (8" wide), three planks 2.5" wide , 6 galvanised pipes one meter length (28mm thick), four T-clamps and four supports clamps. Here are some photo's of the table and the building process.

EDIT: Later I added shelves to the workbench. Can't have too much storage space with this hobby. 

Note: I discovered that the clamps and pipes can be bought online for one third! of the price that I paid at the hardware store cutting the material cost of the workbench by half ($150).

Finished homemade desk of scaffolding wood and galvanized pipe and clamps.

Scaffolding wood sawn and sanded.

Cutting the pipes with a Dremel DSM-20.

Assembly with 2" board screw.

Using a an oil instead of a varnish. Applied with a towel to in three layers to darken and protect the wood.

L-shaped table placed in a corner of the room. I added some support to flatten the top of the table. I also flushed the screws with the surface.

Installing my tools and parts on the table and below.

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